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ONELAB2: FIRE’s OneLab Experimental Facility: An Open Federation of Networking Testbeds

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R4 - ICT connects. Stand number: R4-07

ONELAB2 is constructing ‘an open federated laboratory supporting network research for the future internet’ or network test beds.

Experimentally driven research is key to success in exploring future possibilities for the internet. Onelab2 is building an open, general-purpose and large-scale shared experimental facility that will enable European industry and academia to innovate today and to assess the performance of their solutions. This exhibit will provide information about project activities. Presenters will give hands-on, live demonstrations on how to access the OneLab test beds, set up experiments and run them. Via a large LCD screen, visitors will see how the test beds are supervised, and using two laptops, they will navigate to the managerial tools in real-time. The information available will show interested organisations how they can benefit from this experimental facility.

Technical description

Coordinator: Thanasis KORAKIS (CERTH, Greece)

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