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Enterprise Software Applications in the Internet of the Future: Technology Push, Market Pull, or Co-Creation?

T 011, 28/09/2010 (16:00-17:30)

To what extent will the advent of the future internet and new enterprise models affect the next generation of enterprise software applications?

This session is based on six topics concerned with the future internet concept: architecture, cloud computing, service web, social networking, internet of things and semantic technologies. Issues to be discussed include the relationship between enterprise software applications (ESAs) and federated open trusted platforms, and whether cloud computing is the next mandatory architectural model for ESAs. The session will also examine whether the success of social networks is simply confined to leisure and entertainment, and if the internet of things is an opportunity to have more fine-grained and real-time field data capture for ESAs. Experts, from academia, industry and ICT will present their views in a moderated discussion.

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Coordinator: Claudia GUGLIELMINA (TXT e-solutions, Italy)

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Ranjan BHATTACHARYYA, 16/07/2010 10:32

Registered to attend


Alexandru STAN, 13/08/2010 19:40

Very interesting topic for discussion. Looking forward to it


Matteo MELIDEO, 23/09/2010 16:00



Giuseppe FRANGIAMONE, 23/09/2010 16:16

I'll be there


Théo BONDOLFI, 23/09/2010 23:07

Wonderful to read your proposal of networking session. We wish to briefly present our expertise on social networking and semantic technologies within ethical & sustainable programmes.

Within these topics, we are specialized on contributing in R&D projects by providing training and dissemination actions to empower projects.


Michael SCHEMBRI, 24/09/2010 09:50

we would like to know more about your project proposals since we are looking for partners


Costin BADICA, 27/09/2010 17:45

I am interested in this topic and I will attend the session.


Vladimir BASKO, 28/09/2010 15:32

I will


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