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Visions for long-term, ICT-based Freight Transport Efficiency and Sustainability

T 007, 28/09/2010 (14:00-15:30)

ICT can play a major role in improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of logistics firms.

Logistic firms face problems of volatile fuel prices, low margins and fierce competition typical of a commoditised sector. However, many of these problems can be addressed by ICT solutions originating from both industry and research. The purpose of this session is to bring together ICT and logistic industries, as well as researchers from related EU projects and institutions, to discuss the main factors driving environmental and financial efficiency in logistics operations. Participants will also select and highlight ICT solutions that may impact on energy efficiency and sustainability, and present ICT solutions for decarbonisation.

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Coordinator: Karin FEURSTEIN (University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, Research Centre Process- and Product-Engineering, Austria)

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