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Satellite Communications: critical infrastructures for implementing European policies.

T 008, 28/09/2010 (16:00-17:30)

Satellite communications are critical for implementing European policies, and will become even more so in the future.

Satellites contribute to the daily life of all European citizens in areas such as media, telecoms, climate monitoring, transport, weather forecasts, safety and security. A society without satellites is already unsustainable, and our reliance on them in the future can only increase. Satellites are also an essential asset for European diplomacy and international influence. Within this framework, the Integral SatCom Initiative (ISI) European technology platform hopes to bring together satellite and non-satellite actors to present their vision on the creation of strategic R&D initiatives aimed at supporting the implementation of European policies, such as Europe’s digital agenda, next-generation access networks, and broadband high-speed internet.

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Coordinator: Alessandro VANELLI-CORALLI (University of Bologna, Italy)



Sandro SCALISE, 25/08/2010 14:37

Very interesting session. I plan to attend


Giovanni CORAZZA, 27/08/2010 09:31

This session holds the promise to have wide scope and significant impact, beyond words. Attendance is definitely a good idea.


Franco DAVOLI, 27/08/2010 13:17

This promises to be an interesting and timely session on a strategic topic. I plan to attend.


Alejandro ALVAREZ MELCON, 27/08/2010 15:55

Important session to bring the interest of satellite applications to European citizens


Philippe BOUTRY, 27/08/2010 18:07

This session will provide a good opportunity to address current and future roles of telecommunication satellites in the global internet world . It deserves to spend some time to be there


Julián SESEÑA, 28/08/2010 11:14

A very important session which should highlight the opportunities for SatCom research activities in the overall context of FP7 work programme


Michele LUGLIO, 29/08/2010 00:04

Congratulations and many thanks to the organizer to have undertaken the initiative that will be very important in particular for satellite community but actually to all ICT world considering the importance that satellite infrastructures assume in the whole network.


Marcos ALVAREZ-DIAZ, 31/08/2010 12:45

Definitely a very promising session built around the perspectives of a crucial technology that is bound to pervade many aspects of future European policies and services. Attendance is a must for the European satellite community. I am planning to attend.


Enrico DEL RE, 03/09/2010 13:03

Strategic session for satellite role in the future internet


Kandeepan SITHAMPARANATHAN, 22/09/2010 19:30

Satellite communications is crucial for global seamless connectivity, this session therefore is very important.


Alejandra DAVIDZIUK, 24/09/2010 17:34

I will attend as a representative of the Liaison Office Argentina – European Union (ABEST II) from the Ministry of Science, technology and Productive Innovation (MINCYT). This meeting will be a good opportunity to enhance effective cooperation among R&D stakeholders from Latin America and Europe. Our main goal is to promote the Argentinean well-known capacities in Satellite Communications, looking for opportunities in international activities and support actions.


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