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imaginlab, When end-users are driving new media and future internet innovation

T 008, 29/09/2010 (11:00-12:30)

ImaginLab, an experimental platform for new fixed and mobile network technologies, is an opportunity for those SMEs which cannot normally afford such testing infrastructures.

ImaginLab is an open platform designed to test the integration of innovative technologies to be used in both fixed and mobile networks. Carried out with the assistance of the European University of Brittany (UEB), it constitutes a seamless regional network which could eventually be connected up with other equivalent platforms on a European scale. Technologies such as IP multimedia subsystems, optical fibres and 4G mobile networks have been trialled on the platform, which gives researchers a practical idea of how future internet services may one day work. ImaginLab is looking for European projects which may be in need of experimentation-phase resources.

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Coordinator: Michel CORRIOU (Images et Réseaux, France)

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Alexandru STAN, 13/08/2010 20:29

I look forward to learning more about this


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