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Building Bridges for Sustainable Innovation in Europe. Co-hosted by ARTEMIS and ENIAC JUs

T 013, 28/09/2010 (9:00-10:30)

How can the R&D community increase its visibility as a key contributor to European well-being and participate more effectively in publicly funded programmes?

The ARTEMIS and ENIAC joint undertakings (JUs) are holding discussions to increase the effectiveness of R&D results. The JUs believe that ensuring a lasting impact and stimulating public-sector investment can be achieved through co-operation between projects and bringing in new ingredients to form eco-systems. This workshop investigates methods of building such bridges for sustainable innovation. Short presentations will be given by key initiatives, including the FP7 project PROSE, which provides strategic guidance to the ARTEMIS-JU on standardisation, along with ENIAC projects on the green car initiative. The outcome of the session should provide ideas for further community-building activities and be a catalyst for future actions.

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Coordinator: Alun FOSTER (ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, Belgium)

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Anton LAVRIN, 14/09/2010 17:46

There are my interests about ideas like ensuring a lasting impact and stimulating public-sector investment to relevant projects.


Théo BONDOLFI, 23/09/2010 21:50

Interesting topic and intention,

In Switzerland, we have launched and co-facilitate with success various projects to cluster sustainable innovative initiatives on computing. Disseminiation and valorization of existing initiative of one of our key-process.

We might join, thanks for this proposal.

Do you already have Swiss partners ?


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