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A new platform is enhancing EU-US S&T cooperation within the EU FP7 projects BILAT-USA and Link2US

T 012, 28/09/2010 (14:00-15:30)

A new platform is enhancing EU-US science and technology co-operation within the EU’s FP7 projects BILAT-USA and Link2US.

The EU and the US have great potential to strengthen bilateral relations and establish strong partnerships in science and technology (S&T). This trans-Atlantic approach will enable them both to address global challenges and advance knowledge and scientific understanding. The BILAT-USA project aims to set up a trans-Atlantic dialogue platform between S&T stakeholders to facilitate research collaborations. The Link2US project is mapping opportunities of collaborative funding schemes and participation rules between European and US researchers. This networking session hopes to raise awareness by disseminating project findings and information relevant for researchers interested in S&T collaboration with US partners.

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Coordinator: Elli B. TZATZANIS-STEPANOVIC (FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency, EIP European and International Programmes, Austria)

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Elli B. TZATZANIS-STEPANOVIC, 27/09/2010 11:39

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