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Networking session on NEM innovation and Grand Societal Challenges

T 007, 29/09/2010 (09:00-10:30)

ICT has a major role to play in addressing challenges such as global warming and public health, and securing supplies of energy, water and food.

The objective of this session is to share NEM (networked and electronic media) positions with interested parties, and to introduce the potential of the NEM approach to new partners. For example, internet connectivity will make grids smarter, greener and more efficient, while near-real-time sensor networks will enhance both the environment and the availability of critical resources. Putting ‘intelligence’ into roads and cars by using sensor networks, radio-frequency tags and positioning systems is also a promising solution for congested roads. ICT can ensure an ambient environment capable of assisting patients and an aging population, too. Finally, it can deliver the smart search engines needed to manage all this information efficiently.

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Coordinator: Yves-Marie LE PANNERER (Technicolor, Collaborative Projects, France)

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Tasos DAGIUKLAS, 25/09/2010 16:44

I am interested on networked in Vechicular to Vehicular scenarios


Alex SHANI, 27/09/2010 13:16

Exent support NEM in their efforts to promote technologies for content generation running interactive application on different platforms and networks. Exent intends to enhance it's 3D Streaming developed within Games @ Large and Community capabilities developed with CNG to the Cloud and Mobile devices. Attendee of ICT2010 are wellcome to contact me on


Harry TSAHALIS, 29/09/2010 05:46

We are definitely interested in the opportunities in areas listed, e.g., putting ‘intelligence’ into roads and cars by using sensor networks, positioning systems, ambient environments, etc, per our involvement in ICT and Transport (AAT, SST) per RTD involvement in Computational Intelligence and other techniques development and wide-area sensor networks (autonomous nodes or not, transfer of node intelligence).


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