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International cooperation on Future Internet: perspectives and roadmap

1102C, 29/09/2010 (14:00-15:30)

The Internet has been designed in the seventies and must undergo important changes in order to be suited to the rapidly increasing number of people, devices, and objects connected to it.

The theme of « the Future Internet » has therefore logically become, in just a few years, a key European focus in the field of Digital innovation. Designing the Internet for the future is however not only a challenge for Europe but for the other regions of the world and international cooperation has thus to be encouraged in order to more efficiently address this global challenge. The aim of the present networking session, jointly organized by the various EU-funded support actions in the area of Future Internet, is to discuss the status and perspectives of international cooperation on Future Internet, and to shape a possible roadmap for it (further discussions to be planned at the next Future Internet Assembly to be held in Ghent in Dec. 2010, possible activities to be envisioned for 2011, recommendations to be provided to the European Commission, etc.).

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Coordinator: Roger TORRENTI (Sigma Orionis, France)

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Matteo MELIDEO, 22/09/2010 11:29

I will be there...


Charalampos MANTAKAS, 23/09/2010 18:20

Broadcasting internet: A strategy for the exploitation of the interleaved spectrum for future media Internet.

The only existing today candidature to exploit the above-mentioned locally unused spectrum for networking purposes, using CUS approach,comes from the so called “White Space Coalition” in the USA using the term “TV white spaces”, a term that seems to be adopted in some Commission documents

Comm 2007/700 presents the European strategy concerning UHF spectrum. However several inaccuracies and errors are contained in it like (page 3): the locally unused spectrum (interleaved) is introduced as a “new product” due to DSO, even more as “important” complement to the digital dividend, or it is considered as identical to the term “white space spectrum” introduced recently in USA by the White Space Coalition

• The interleaved spectrum (channels) is the result, of any National Coverage Implementation and not a result of the DSO neither “important” complement to the spectrum dividend. It is the opposite

• The term “white space spectrum” is not identical to the European term “Interleaved TV channels” neither the European DSO is (not at all) identical to the American DSO

A strategy for Europe is needed targeting to new innovative future internet infrastructures in UHF and -most predominant-avoiding the irreversible loss for Europe,of such an important spectrum that will result if full duplex cognitive devices will be adopted in UHF spectrum (CUS approach)


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