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P2P-Next: Next Generation Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Platform

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R4 - ICT connects. Stand number: R4-09

The P2P-Next project will develop ‘peer-to-peer’ (P2P) applications for a next-generation internet TV distribution system.

P2P-Next will produce a new platform for peer-to-peer digital media distribution of video on demand. This will be done via streaming media based on BitTorrent technology, which is a free, open source file-sharing application for distributing very large media files. P2P-Next will develop a new television plus media delivery mechanism that will be open source, efficient, trusted, personalised, user-centric, and participatory. Using the emerging P2P model, it will have social and collaborative connotations that will take into account the existing EU legal framework in this area. This exhibit will present the P2P-Next live streaming technology that will allow everyone to broadcast a live stream, such as a webcam feed or TV channel, to millions of internet users.

Technical description

Coordinator: Jari AHOLA (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Mobile and Embedded Solutions, Finland)

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