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ICT Professional Societies: Which Opportunities for Europe?

T 004, 28/09/2010 (14:00-15:30)

Professional ICT societies in Europe must coordinate their activities effectively if they are to achieve global influence.

Professional societies play an important role by promoting excellence in their fields, impacting on government policies, circulating information and organising events. However, it is clear that Europe suffers from multiple ICT professional societies which tend to be uncoordinated and have different priorities and mandates. This contrasts strongly with North America, where ACM (and IEEE) enjoy large memberships and can affect policy and strategic directions with international reach. The purpose of this session – arranged jointly by ERCIM and ACM Europe – is to exchange views among all interested ICT professionals. A first step might be to prioritise a list of expected functions, which may lead to a structural model for professional ICT societies in Europe.

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Coordinator: Catherine MARCHAND (ERCIM, Communications, France)

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Silvana MUSCELLA, 27/08/2010 16:21

Interesting elements to discuss I will be looking forward to attending this session..


Théo BONDOLFI, 23/09/2010 22:49

As member of the Swiss Academy of Technical science, our institue is providing tools and dissemination opportunites to ICT professional societies, and therefore we are interested and intend to take prt.

Could you be interested in including ethics or sustainable development a transversal key-issue within this networking session ?

Notice that we are aware of the good job being done by ERCIM and wish to take part !


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