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HosPilot: Intelligent Energy Efficiency Control in Hospitals

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R3 - Green ICT. Stand number: R3-08

HosPilot, the ‘intelligent energy efficiency control in hospitals’ project, is aiming to achieve significant energy reductions.

This exhibit presents the HosPilot project which is focusing on energy efficiency in hospitals. It involves 11 partners (three of which are hospitals) from five European countries. The project will provide a hardware description for an energy-efficient system for any hospital, based on the specific requirements of that individual hospital. It will consider energy-efficient installations in all areas, such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air- conditioning, and ICT. Combining the expert knowledge of all the partners in the project, HosPilot will also define the best method for auditing a hospital, to obtain the most relevant data, so that the solution can be applied to that particular hospital.

Technical description

Coordinator: Nebojsa FISEKOVIC (Philips, Lighting, Netherlands)

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