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EUREKA & ITEA - CANTATA project: Advanced digital video content analysis improves medical diagnosis, video surveillance and home entertainment

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R6 - Content and Knowledge. Stand number: R6-11

CANTANA is working on ‘content aware networked systems towards advanced and tailored assistance’ for multimedia systems.

The amount of digital video content now available makes automated interpretation essential to ensure the optimal use of data in the shortest possible time. This exhibit presents the EUREKA ITEA 2 software cluster CANTATA project which has more than 20 partners in over seven countries. EUREKA is a leading platform for R&D-performing entrepreneurs in Europe. ITEA 2 is a programme for ‘software-intensive systems and services’. The CANTATA project set out to make digital video-processing systems content aware. Systems were developed that react not only to the contents of the data but also to the context, in three areas: medical diagnosis, video surveillance and home entertainment systems. The project’s success has already led to commercial products in these areas across the EU.

Technical description

Coordinator: Stefano MASON (EUREKA Secretariat, Communication, Belgium)

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