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BCI: World's first personal BCI speller, robot control and position reconstruction based on place cells

This is a stand in the SME village, located in Zone C: SME Village. Stand number: C13

A spelling device based on visually evoked electroencephalography (EEC) potentials – enabling users to make out words just by focusing on a screen – is a major brain computer interface (BCI) breakthrough.

Although the technology requires some training, most subjects can use the equipment after only ten minutes. A spelling rate of five to ten characters per minute is possible. As well as writing a text, the system can enable the computer to ‘speak’ the written text, print out or copy the text into an e-mail, or send commands to external devices. The special cap is comfortable to wear and the active electrodes do not require any special skin preparation. BCI technology, developed by Austrian firm g.tec, is also used in two EU projects, PRESENCCIA and SM4All. The company received the European information and communication technology award in 2007 and the Science2Business award 2010 for these collaborations.

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Coordinator: Engelberg GRUENBACHER (g.tec Guger Technologies OG, Austria)

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