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IRMOS: Interactive real-time multimedia applications on service oriented infrastructures

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R1 - Smart Systems. Stand number: R1-06

IRMOS is the ‘interactive real-time multimedia applications on service-oriented infrastructures’ project for cloud computing.

The complexity of resource provision in ‘cloud’ computing environments introduces significant inefficiencies but has also resulted in new software-, platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service systems. Also, ‘the cloud’ cannot be seen as a single set of ‘quality-of-service’ (QoS) issues. This exhibit presents the EU’s IRMOS project that addresses some barriers to the adoption of cloud computing, such as providing QoS guarantees for interactive real-time multimedia applications. Major European players in the field will show how to manage QoS within and across the cloud ‘layers’, using service engineering and management tools, as well as an ‘intelligent service oriented network infrastructure’ (ISONI) for providing QoS-guaranteed computing, storage and network resources.

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Coordinator: Georgina GALLIZO (HLRS, Service Management & Business Processes, Germany)

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