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SSL-Projects: Solid State Lighting

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R3 - Green ICT. Stand number: R3-12

Oled100, the ‘organic LED lighting in European dimensions’ project, is developing OLED technologies for the EU’s lighting industry.

Lighting is undergoing a radical change, from old-fashioned light bulbs to light-emitting solid-state devices (SSLs), such as inorganic ‘light-emitting devices’ (LEDs) and organic LEDs (OLEDs). LEDs are very bright point-like light sources with a very long lifetime. OLEDs are large-area light sources that can be flexible and transparent. Both types are fully dimmable, instant-on, and emit light of high quality. Almost 20% of our electrical power consumption is due to lighting. When LEDs (a perfect point source) and OLEDs (a perfect area source) are used instead of conventional lighting technologies, a lot of energy can be saved. This exhibit will demonstrate four EU-funded SSL projects to highlight their interesting features and their potential for saving energy.

Technical description

Coordinator: Stefan GRABOWSKI (Philips Research, Solid State Lighting, Germany)

ID: 3084