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EURIDICE: European Inter-Disciplinary Research on Intelligent Cargo for Efficient, Safe and Environment-friendly Logistics

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R3 - Green ICT. Stand number: R3-02

The EURIDICE project’s basic concept is to build an information services platform centred on an individual cargo item.

This exhibit presents the EURIDICE or ‘European inter-disciplinary research on intelligent cargo for efficient, safe and environment-friendly logistics’ project. The ‘intelligent cargo’ concept enables cargo to connect itself to logistics service providers, industrial users and authorities. This means that the cargo can exchange information and perform specific functions whenever required to do so along the transport chain. The EURIDICE platform will consist of a fixed and mobile web services infrastructure supporting an ‘on the fly’ combination of services to address ad hoc user-cargo-context interactions. Through the realisation of this vision of intelligent cargo, EURIDICE intends to fulfil its mission of providing cargo information services for all.

Technical description

Coordinator: Jukka HEMILÄ (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Organisations, Networks and Innovation Systems, Finland)

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