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CoFriend : Cognitive Scene Learning and Interpretation: Cognive & Flexible learning system operating Robust Interpretation of Extended real scenes by multisensor Datafusion

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R6 - Content and Knowledge. Stand number: R6-08

The aim of the FP7 research project CoFRIEND is to design a framework for understanding human activities in real environments.

This exhibit will show the techniques and results of the ongoing project, CoFRIEND. This is the ‘cognitive and flexible learning system operating robust interpretation of extended real scenes by multi-sensor data fusion’ project. There will be two interactive demonstrations of Co-FRIEND’s cognitive capabilities. First, the behaviour of visitors will be automatically analysed as they are tracked walking throughout the stand. The analysis, along with their routes, will be displayed in real-time on a screen. Secondly, visitors will play an interactive game with a computer, and the CoFRIEND system will learn the rules and identify game situations. The knowledge output of the learnt game will also be displayed in real-time on a screen.

Technical description

Coordinator: Luc BARTHELEMY (AKKA, Research and Development, France)

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