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AirWISE: Airborne WIreless SEnsors

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R3 - Green ICT. Stand number: R3-04

AirWISE is the ‘airborne wIreless sensors’ project for monitoring an aircraft’s safety aspects, noise levels and fuel consumption.

The AirWISE project concerns the hardware development of wireless sensor network nodes for operation in an airborne environment, under the Clean Sky programme. Clean Sky is a Joint Technology Initiative that is developing clean-air technologies to reduce the environmental impact of the EU’s air transport. One of the project partners is CSEM, a Swiss company that designs and manufactures microelectronic systems. Working prototypes of the wireless sensor network nodes will be shown for the first time at the exhibit. These are designed to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and will be undergoing testing for inclusion in the airframe for in-flight testing. An aircraft model will be used to illustrate different-use scenarios.

Technical description

Coordinator: Cees J.M. LANTING (CSEM S.A., M&BD, Switzerland)

ID: 3021