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Long Term International Cooperation in ICT Trust and Security

T 005, 28/09/2010 (11:00-12:30)

Achieving long-term global co-operation on ICT security, privacy and trust is the focus of the FP7 INCO-TRUST project.

Proposed by the FP7 Coordination Action project INCO-TRUST, this session aims to capitalise on the presence of EU and non-EU research and programme managers to form a joint strategy towards building a sustainable international forum for joint collaboration in ICT security, privacy and trust. The purpose is twofold: 1) to outline the key themes and topics across the international communities identified over the years, and 2) to work out ways of achieving global co-operation for these topics. High-level speakers will be invited to provide inspirational and thought-provoking talks within the international forum.

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Coordinator: James CLARKE (Waterford Institute of Technology, Telecommunications Software and Systems Group, Ireland)

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Borka JERMAN-BLAŽIC, 21/07/2010 11:28

Important topic. Should be shared with FP7 Security program run by DG Enterprise.


Massimo FELICI, 30/07/2010 11:29

Interesting topic for a networking session, I will be interested to be informed about any follow-up activities


James CLARKE, 16/08/2010 13:59

If you are visiting ICT 2010 and work in ICT Trust, security and privacy or related topics, especially if you are from a non EU base, please make contact with me.


Ashok KAR, 14/09/2010 00:38

I am delighted to be able to attend this session. Trust and security are at the heart of the future digital society. The EU's efforts in broadbasing research in this domain by seeking out partners across other regions of the world is commendable. I do hope that India will bring its contribution to this edifice. Being part of an important EU-India ICT cooperation support action project, Euro-India SPIRIT, we would be keen to help out in locating suitable participants from India in future Trust & Security research projects.


Ali MAQOUSI, 14/09/2010 13:13

I will attend this session. I am a researcher at Petra University - Jordan. Our research interest includes Security and Privacy, in particular Users Security awareness. Looking forward to meet James CLARKE.


Michael SCHEMBRI, 23/09/2010 15:00

we would like to know more about your project proposal since we are looking for partners


Michael SCHEMBRI, 23/09/2010 15:00

we would like to know more about your project proposal since we are looking for partners


Théo BONDOLFI, 23/09/2010 22:02

Dear James & all,

Thanks for this important proposal.

Here in Switzerland, we organized various workshop on Secrurity and trust within digital environement for governmental bodies and academic research officers.

We think it's necessary for ICT security, privacy and trust to also consider the ethical part of this central issue. Therefore we wish to contribute with that expertise on ethical eCulture within ICT security management, and we can also contribute in providing the training tools and developing dissemination actions for such project.

Let's meet soon, kindly yours


Rodrigo ROMAN, 24/09/2010 16:39

Planning to attend and foster discussions on key themes and topics that will need of security, privacy and trust in the near future, such as Future Internet / Internet of Things.


James CLARKE, 24/09/2010 18:34

Thank you all for your valuable comments. Please see link above to the agenda outline.


Tasos DAGIUKLAS, 25/09/2010 16:47

This is an interested topic. I am interested in topics related to multimedia security


Lukas KENCL, 28/09/2010 10:19

We are interested to join this activity We have long-term research activities in network security and privacy, in particular in DDoS attack prevention and data anonymization. We also follow some further fundamental scientific relations of Internet structure such as graph theory, fame theory or DNA structuring.


Arjan GEVEN, 28/09/2010 12:02

In order to maintain end-user trust in the future, we need international collaboration on the topic of usable security and HCI solutions of security alongside with protocol and algorithm design improvements. We need to think about how we can involve users in the various steps towards providing new security solutions. There is some activity going on in this domain (e.g. SOUPS), but we need to think more about how users reflect on security and privacy and adapt our developments to these. The big challenge will be to do this alongside the very challenging effort of improving security itself, but we should not lose track of the people that we are trying to help with our solutions!


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