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Starlab: Living Science

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R1 - Smart Systems. Stand number: R1-02

Starlab is an SME based in Barcelona, Spain that specialises in space and applied neuroscience products and services.

This exhibit presents the products and projects of Starlab, an SME that has grown into an ICT success story. In 2009, Starlab's neuroscience department launched its first product, ‘Enobio’. This is a wearable, wireless device for recording EEG (brain waves), which began its life in the FP6 SENSATION (advanced sensor development for attention, stress, vigilance and sleep/wakefulness monitoring) project. It has been or will be used as the basis for various research applications and projects. Starlab’s FP7 projects cover: biometrics (ACTIBIO), human-machine-interfaces (ASTERICS), affective-brain-computer-interfaces (BEAMING), and personal health (INTERSTRESS). All of these offer the potential for new product lines, building on previous success.

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Coordinator: Stephen DUNNE (Starlab, Research, Spain)

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