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LarKC: The Large Knowledge Collider

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R6 - Content and Knowledge. Stand number: R6-03

The LarKC or ‘large knowledge collider’ project is building a platform for searching and reasoning over very large sets of web data.

This exhibit presents the LarKC project which aims to go beyond the storage and inference barriers of existing reasoning systems. Its architecture integrates techniques from areas other than logical reasoning: cognitive science, economics, information retrieval, machine learning, and databases. The main motivation is the explosion of (semantic) web data. Some cases require processing tens of billion pieces of information or more in near-real-time. Current systems cannot scale up to such very large datasets. A platform is needed that can adapt to quality and scale requirements – which is precisely what LarKC does! The stand will feature a film and interactive displays to familiarise visitors with the needs and functionality of the large knowledge collider.

Technical description

Coordinator: Reto KRUMMENACHER (STI, University of Innsbruck, Austria)

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