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FinN: Fun In Numbers

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R6 - Content and Knowledge. Stand number: R6-17

FinN or ‘fun in numbers’ is a platform for developing and playing games for both entertainment and educational purposes.

Devices like the Nintendo Wii or the iPhone have radically changed the way people play games. Activities that previously involved little or limited interaction can now, with the help of technology, offer new kinds of experiences. This exhibit showcases the FinN platform that was created by students during class work in the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics at the University of Patras, Greece. The FinN system has games, applications and installations that require input from multiple sources, such as movement detection, light, humidity, presence and temperature. The games can be played by multiple players in non-controlled environments and their physical actions will result in interactions with their avatar in a parallel virtual world.

Technical description

Coordinator: Ioannis CHATZIGIANNAKIS (Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Research Unit 1, Greece)

ID: 2937