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PrimeLife: Privacy and Identity Management in Europe for Life

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R7 - Safety and Security. Stand number: R7-10

PrimeLife is the ‘privacy and identity management in Europe for life’ project for future networks and services.

PrimeLife’s exhibit shows project prototypes covering the different areas of privacy-enhancing identity management: social networking, web transactions, and mobile computing. PrimeLife’s social networking prototypes, ‘Clique’ and ‘Scramble!’, show how to reconcile privacy and sociality in social networks in a user-friendly way. The ‘privacy dashboard’ has a web browser plug-in that enables users to perform their day-to-day identity management on the web, including tracking their data disclosures and user support for exercising their privacy rights. PrimeLife’s ‘secure mobile device’ prototype demonstrates an Android-based security-enhanced mobile device, using a trusted hardware module that makes identity and privacy management features accessible to mobile users.

Technical description

Coordinator: Dieter SOMMER (IBM Research, Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland)

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