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LetterGen: Paperless Banking

This is a stand in the Belgian National Pavilion, located in Zone B: Belgium National Pavillion. Stand number: B17 - 3 days

Eliminating paperwork by automating the banking process is making it both cheaper and faster.

This exhibit is organised by BTR Services, a Belgian ICT company specialised in banking and insurance. It provides solutions to how documents can be dematerialised and legally signed. LetterGen is a real-time generator of high-quality, mass-volume documents at low cost. The ‘electronic signer’ is used to sign documents. Together they provide a paperless environment with full legal electronic documents. Bank J. van Breda applied such solutions in October 2009 and thus became the first paperless bank in Belgium. BTR Services can generate all kinds of documents into which end-users can enter or change data, then sign them electronically using a public key infrastructure or PKI, and email them – all at the speed of light!

Technical description

Coordinator: Luc VANDERGOTEN (LetterGen NV, Belgium)

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