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SMILING: Self Mobility improvement in the elderly by counteracting falls

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R5 - Digital Society. Stand number: R5-07

The SMILING or ‘self mobility improvement in the elderly by counteracting falls’ project uses motorised shoes for walking.

The SMILING project is developing and testing a portable device for training the elderly to improve their walking capabilities and reducing the danger of them suffering a fall. A pair of motorised shoes simulates different ground conditions at each walking step. Each shoe is provided with four motorised actuators to change the foot position independently, and is equipped with motion sensors to identify the gait. The system is completed by a user control unit (UCU) which drives the shoes and manages the perturbations and their sequence to offer a unique training session. A customised evaluation of the training can quantify the walking capabilities of each user. This exhibit will demonstrate the working system using a pair of SMILING shoes.

Technical description

Coordinator: Fiorella MARCELLINI (INRCA (Italian National Institute on Aging), Scientific Technological Area-Psycho-social Aspects of Ageing, Italy)

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