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COMMIUS: Community-based Interoperability utility for SMEs

This is a stand in the SME village, located in Zone C: SME Village. Stand number: C05

COMMIUS is the ‘community-based interoperability utility for SMEs’ project dealing with electronic communication.

COMMIUS is a utility-like system that supports specialised SMEs by improving their business communications via email. It provides system, semantic and process interoperability solutions for individual SMEs and networks of co-operative SMEs. Enterprise interoperability has been addressed by research for decades without any real success and with very little impact on SMEs. The market still lacks an affordable, easy-to- integrate solution. COMMIUS builds such interoperability tools for SMEs, allowing them to reuse their existing and familiar applications for electronic communication. In this exhibit, COMMIUS will provide information about its funded R&D project, with an outline of its status.

Technical description

Coordinator: Christian MELCHIORRE (Softeco Sismat Spa, R&D, Italy)

ID: 2853