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FNIR / ICU: Fusing far-infrared and near-infrared imaging for pedestrian injury mitigation (FNIR) and infrared imaging components for use in automotive safety applications (ICU)

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R2 - ICT inside. Stand number: R2-05

Two EU-FP7 projects, FNIR and ICU, are researching next-generation night vision enhancement systems (NVE) and the key components for next-generation uncooled infra-red cameras.

The United Nations has announced that 2011-2020 will be the global decade of action for road safety. Infra-red imaging systems provide high-contrast images of warm (living) objects and are completely independent of ambient light conditions. Thus, infra-red imaging is ideally suited to automatically detecting pedestrians in traffic. The goal of the FNIR project is to improve pedestrian-detection capability through sensor fusion. A demonstration car with cameras and computer equipment will be on display, showing the benefits of the fusion system compared to a high-end single far infra-red system. The ICU project will demonstrate the infra-red imaging components for use in automotive safety applications, which it is currently working on.

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Coordinator: Dick ERIKSSSON (Autoliv Development AB, Research, Sweden)

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