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PRACE: Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R4 - ICT connects. Stand number: R4-01

PRACE, the partnership for advanced computing in Europe, is providing European researchers with supercomputer systems.

This exhibit will present the results of the PRACE project, which laid the groundwork for the creation of a persistent, pan-European research infrastructure that will provide a leading high-performance computing (HPC) service to enable world-class science. The objective of the two-year project was the completion of the necessary legal, administrative and technical work that will allow the permanent research infrastructure to start operation this year. Building a world-class pan-European HPC service is a highly ambitious undertaking that involves governments, funding agencies, centres capable of hosting and managing the supercomputers, as well as the scientific and industrial user communities with leading-edge applications.

Technical description

Coordinator: Anni JAKOBSSON (CSC / PRACE)

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