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FACETS: From Neurobiology to Neuromorphic computing – Cutting Edge Research and Interdisciplinary Graduate Training

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R1 - Smart Systems. Stand number: R1-07

The Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States project, known as FACETS, is modelling the human brain.

This exhibit will provide the latest information on the FACETS project which aims to address the unsolved question of how the brain computes. The Integrated Project in the EU’s Future and Emerging Technologies programme comprises 15 partners from seven countries. The project’s scientific goal is to create a theoretical and experimental foundation and the realisation of novel computing paradigms which exploit the concepts experimentally observed in biological nervous systems. The continuous interaction and scientific exchange between biological experiments, computer modelling and neuromorphic hardware emulations within the project provide a unique research infrastructure that, in turn, can deliver improved insight into the computing principles of the brain.

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Coordinator: Björn KINDLER (Universität Heidelberg, Kirchhoff Institut für Physik (HBP member), Germany)

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