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Internet Science: understanding the future of Internet and Society (previously Paradiso)

T 011, 29/09/2010 (11:00-12:30)

Find out what experts from a range of disciplines think about the future of the internet.

The Internet, the most complex human engineered endeavour to date, is changing everyday life in an unprecedented way and at an accelerating pace, and can be key to ease the sustainability challenges of the world (in environment, economy, energy, society, etc.).

Whereas its creation involved several different technical disciplines in communication and computer engineering, its ever changing and pervasive usages are being addressed by several different human disciplines such as sociology, psychology, marketing, anthropology. It thus becomes necessary today to put together life and human sciences to allow a holistic understanding of Internet developments, from an integrated technological, social and economic perspective.

The objective of this session, proposed by the PARADISO2 project, is to bring together any interested parties towards creating a new discipline, an “Internet science”, which is the subject of a multidisciplinary Network of Excellence launched in ICT Call 7.

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Coordinator: Leandros TASSIULAS (University of Thessaly, Greece, Computer Engineering, Greece)

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Daniel FIELD, 30/07/2010 09:36

Developing an Internet Science is a key route towards an integrated research field. In addition to the technical areas of research I agree that it is important to factor in socio-economic and other sciences, as well as adopting agreed methods and tests, applying scientific rigour to experimentation and applying common formats for sharing results. This is already underway in the FIRE community and should be extended to other areas of the FI.


Alexandru STAN, 13/08/2010 19:03

It would be interesting to see the different view points on this issue


Daniele MIORANDI, 17/08/2010 15:23

Taking a socio-economic perspective at the development of the Future Internet is certainly an interesting and worthwhile effort. I plan to attend this session.


Andrea PASSARELLA, 03/09/2010 09:56

Internet Science is a very exciting topic. It will be of paramount importance to involve all the relevant communities in this Initiative, not only limiting to the ICT field.

This session will be a premier opportunity to start working towards this goal. I will attend the session.


Chris MARSDEN, 14/09/2010 16:48

This also of course builds on the project 'Towards a Future Internet'

A fascinating topic and sure to be of great interest!


Virgil DOBROTA, 16/09/2010 11:47

Having experience from project FP7-4WARD "- Architecture and design for the future Internet" we are interested to continue our work in this topic. I will attend the session.


Lukas KENCL, 28/09/2010 10:04

We are interested to join the NoE. We have long-term research activities in internet-users mobility and behavior modeling and subsequent implications towards energy, prediction, urban design etc, including strong sociological collaboration. We also follow some further fundamental scientific relations of Internet structure such as graph theory, DNA structuring or brain modeling.


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