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ASPIRE FP7-215417: Added-Value RFID Enabled Logistics for SMEs

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R4 - ICT connects. Stand number: R4-17

ASPIRE is the ‘advanced sensors and lightweight programmable middleware for innovative RFID enterprise applications’ project.

This exhibit is organised by the ASPIRE project. It will demonstrate a realistic operative RFID (radio-frequency identification) system enabling fully automated logistics processes, including receiving, shipping and inventory. Such RFID systems are beneficial as they are faster and less error prone than conventional processes involving human intervention. Visitors will view real-life RFID enabled processes. The exhibit will also include a set of satellite demonstrations of various tools that facilitate development and deployment of RFID solutions. These tools are available as open source software. In addition, visitors will be able to view presentations from three other related projects which, together with ASPIRE, form an ‘ecosystem’ of collaborating EU RFID projects.

Technical description

Coordinator: John SOLDATOS (Athens Information Technology, Athens Information Technology, Greece)

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