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Digital Agenda Going Local 2011

Upcoming meetings

Date Title Country Place
TBD Going Local 2011, Ankara Turkey
TBD Going Local 2011, Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
TBD Going Really Local, Birmingham United Kingdom Birmingham
TBD Going Local 2011, Vilnius Lithuania Vilnius
TBD Going Local 2011, Edinburgh United Kingdom Edinburgh
TBD Going Really Local, Manchester United Kingdom Manchester
TBD Going Really Local, Bristol United Kingdom Bristol

Past meetings

Date Title Country Place
09/11/2010 INET conference Romania Bucarest
21/03/2011 Going Local 2011, Milan Italy Milan
30/03/2011 Going Really Local, Athens ( Greece Athens
26/05/2011 Going Really Local, Bucharest Romania Bucharest
31/08/2011 Going Really Local, Aurillac France Aurillac
20/09/2011 Digital Agenda Going Local 2011, Oslo Norway
21/09/2011 Going Really Local, Toulouse France Toulouse
22/09/2011 Forum of Teleinformatics Poland Warsaw, Conference Centre "BOSS", Miedzeszyn
22/09/2011 Going Local 2011, Budapest Hungary Budapest
26/09/2011 Going Local 2011, Pleven Bulgaria Pleven
03/10/2011 Going Local 2011, Sonderborg: Digital challenges and solutions for businesses and public authorities in the border region Denmark Alsion, Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg, "Den Røde Boks"
03/10/2011 Going Really Local - TIMISOARA Romania Timisoara
06/10/2011 Going Local 2011, Prague Czech Republic Prague
06/10/2011 Innovation for Digital Inclusion Conference Poland Gdansk
06/10/2011 Going Really Local - IASI Romania Iasi - Hotel Unirea, sala Mezanin
11/10/2011 Going Really Local - Cluj Romania CLUJ - Hotel Golden Tulip Ana Dome, sala Cupola
11/10/2011 Going Local 2011, Brussels Belgium SPF Economie, Classes moyennes et Energie, Rue du Progrès 50, 1210 Bruxelles
12/10/2011 Going Local 2011, Aarhus: Innovation and growth using new technology Denmark Incuba Science Park Katrinebjerg, Åbogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N, Lille auditorium
13/10/2011 Youth On The Move Netherlands Den Haag, House of Europe
14/10/2011 Going Local 2011, Riga Latvia Riga
20/10/2011 Going Local 2011, Cardiff United Kingdom Cardiff
20/10/2011 Going Local 2011, Helsinki Finland Helsinki
24/10/2011 Going Local 2011, Dublin Ireland Dublin
24/10/2011 Going Local 2011: Session on Digital Inclusion Ireland Dublin
25/10/2011 Going Local 2011, London United Kingdom London
09/11/2011 DAE, Caen, Basse-Normandie France Caen, Basse-Normandie
09/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Stockholm Sweden Stockholm
09/11/2011 Going Really Local 2011, Niedersachsen Germany Community hall of Osterholz Scharmbeck
10/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Karlstad Sweden Karlstad
10/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Berlin: Broadband and Green ICT for sustainable, digitally driven growth Germany Berlin, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
10/11/2011 Going Really Local, Örebro Sweden Örebro
15/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Bern Switzerland Bern
16/11/2011 ICT Delta 2011 Netherlands The Hague
17/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Jaarcongres ECP-EPN Netherlands Scheveningen
21/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Athens Greece Athens
21/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Ljubljana Slovenia Ljubljana
21/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Vienna Austria Wien
21/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Bologna Italy Bologna
22/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Valetta Malta Valletta
22/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Palermo Italy Palermo
22/11/2011 Foro internacional de contenidos digitales Spain Madrid
22/11/2011 Going Really Local, Steiermark Austria Graz und Umgebung
22/11/2011 Going Really Local Hungary - ICT for the society Hungary Balatonfüred
23/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Rome Italy Rome
24/11/2011 Going Really Local, Namur Belgium Namur
25/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Tallinn Estonia Tallinn
25/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Bratislava Slovakia Bratislava: European Information Centre, Palisády 29 (morning) and Hotel Borik, Borik 15 (afternoon)
25/11/2011 Going Local 2011, Nicosia Cyprus Nicosia
29/11/2011 Going Really Local, Antwerpen Belgium Antwerpen
01/12/2011 Journée Robotique, Paris France Paris
01/12/2011 Going Local 2011, Seville Spain Seville
08/12/2011 Going Local 2011, Copenhagen: Digital content as a driver for the Digital Single market Denmark Europa-Huset, Gothersgade 115, DK- 1123 Copenhagen K
08/12/2011 Going Local 2011, Paris France Paris, Représentation de la Commission européenne, 288 boulevard Saint Germain 75007 Paris
12/12/2011 Going Local 2011, Porto Portugal Porto and Aveiro
13/12/2011 Going Local 2011, Coimbra Portugal Coimbra
14/12/2011 Going Local 2011, Lisbon Portugal Lisbon