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Young Advisors

The Young Advisors is a group of inspiring young people who are actively involved in shaping a digital society. They work closely together with the European Commission's Vice-President, Neelie Kroes.

Young Advisors can inspire us, point to mismatches between expectations of young people and current policy initiatives or plans. They can actively contribute to shaping Europe's digital future by employing their skills and talents and by sharing fresh and creative ideas.  

Their role

Inform and advise the Vice President on different aspects relevant to the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) and the future of digital society from their perspective of being young people; this may include specific policy challenges for the youth constituency, e.g. unemployment, researcher brain-drain, the gap in young innovators etc.

  1. Contribute to DAE implementation and priorities by offering their views on various initiatives such as Horizon 2020 or Access to finance for innovation and ICT leadership in Europe, and notably with regard to aspects where there is a generational difference in perspectives and aspirations.
  2. Promote the DAE in their own networks especially by using on-line communication and social media.
  3. Participate in various events related to the DAE initiative by bringing their own experience, such as the Digital Agenda AssemblyICT Competitiveness Week and Future of Democracy in the Digital Revolution.

The Young Advisors were chosen  to represent young people from different sectors and countries in Europe. Some of them were nominated by Vice-President Kroes, others were suggested by European networks of young people (e.g. European Youth Forum) and the Digital Champions. One-third of the group's members will be replaced every year, in order to bring fresh views on current and future Digital Agenda policies.

Who are they ?


  • Chris Conder Founder member and full time volunteer for the B4RN community fibre network (United Kingdom).
  • Jana Huisman Photonics21 Young Ambassador for Photonics Education and B.Sc. student of physics and math at the University of Bonn.
  • Mariann Unterluggauer Independent technology and science journalist (Austria).