Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Young Advisors

The Young Advisors is a group of inspiring young people who are actively involved in shaping a digital society. They work closely together with the European Commission.
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Young Advisors can inspire us, point to mismatches between expectations of young people and current policy initiatives or plans. They can actively contribute to shaping Europe's digital future by employing their skills and talents and by sharing fresh and creative ideas.

Who are they?

  • Vittoria Colizza

    Senior researcher at French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Italy).

  • Julie Cullen

    Teacher - how to use emerging technologies in a creative and entrepreneurial manner (Ireland).

  • Renata Danieliene

    Deputy Director at the Information Technologies Institute (Lithuania).

  • Christos Demetriades

    He's working in favour of eAccessibility for all (Cyprus).

  • Mercedes Díaz Sánchez 

    Co-founder of Women 2020 (Belgium).

  • Gabriel Dragomir 

    Social-minded software developer who wants to promote open software (Romania).

  • Alberto Elías 

    Android and Web developer with experience in backend and frontend web development (Spain).

  • Janne Elvelid

    He is working with e-government issues for the Swedish government (Sweden).

  • Bruno Ferreira

    CEO of Comuniteia Marketing & Communication (Portugal).

  • Alja Isakovic 

    Alja Isakovic works in a hardware startup and is trying to get more people excited about technology (Slovenia).

  • Luis Iván Cuende 

    Young entrepreneur and founder of Asturix and Cardwee (Spain).

  • Lucie Jagu 

    Project manager for the European Youth Award (France and Austria).

  • Ieva Jonaityté

    Works for Lego Education in Lithuania and is a member of the Lithanian Computer Society (Lithuania).

  • Efstratios Kehayas

    Founder and Director of Constelex Technology Enablers (Greece).

  • Christian Lanng 

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder of Tradeshift (Denmark).

  • Tobias Martens

    Technology researcher - digital protocols for socio-economic relations and startup ecosystems (Germany).

  • Anna Mazgal 

    Program Director for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia at Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland).

  • Federico Morello

    Works in the Pane Digitale project (Italy).

  •  Nico Perez

    Co-founder of Mixcloud (United Kingdom).

  • Maria  Prekopova

    President of the ICT cluster Z@ICT (Slovak Republic).

  • Vassil Terziev

    CEO and founder of Telerik (Bulgaria).

  •  Gyula Vamosi

    Founder of the largest Roma social network (Hungary).

  •  Karlien Vanden Eynde

    Hosting Business Development Manager for Microsoft BeLux (Belgium).



  • Chris Conder

    Founder member and full time volunteer for the B4RN community fibre network (United Kingdom).

  • Jana Huisman

    Jana Huisman was named the Photonics21 Young Ambassador for Photonics Education in 2013. She studies physics and nanotechnology at the Danish Technical University, previously in Bonn, DE.

  • Mariann Unterluggauer

    Independent technology and science journalist (Austria).

Their role

They advise the Vice President on different aspects relevant to the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) and the future of digital society seen through their young eyes. In particular, the Young Advisors:

  • Contribute to implementation of the Digital Agenda by offering their views on various initiatives, particularly with regards to aspects where there is a generational difference in perspective and aspirations.
  • Promote the Digital Agenda for Europe in their own networks, especially by using on-line communication and social media.
  • Participate the various events related to the Digital Agenda by bringing their own experience, such as the Digital Agenda Assembly, ICT Competitiveness Week and Codeweek.

The Young Advisors were chosen to represent young people from different sectors and countries in Europe. Some of them were nominated by Vice-President Kroes, others were suggested by European networks of young people (e.g. European Youth Forum) and the Digital Champions. One-third of the group's members will be replaced every year.

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