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Demographic change is an opportunity that Europe cannot afford to miss


Europe is definitively ageing - and this demographic change brings about new challenges as well as opportunities. More Europeans living longer is the result of some remarkable developments in science and socio -economic progress over the last 50 years. And we should be proud of these great achievements. But this unprecedented demographic change also raises the stakes for all of us as citizens, family members, workers and - in the future - members of a growing ageing population.

How Europe makes you happy

Over the last years the EU has been funding many projects in the area of active and healthy ageing. The Giraff+ project developed a companion robot, to help older people feel safe and secure in their own environment, and also keep them active and connected to the outside world. Technology was not the issue; plenty of robots on the market with the right functionalities. The real problem was the interplay between woman and machine.

ICT for Societal Challenges: opportunities in Horizon 2020

The long-awaited Horizon 2020 programme is here, and ICT has an important role to play in it.  We are looking for interoperable ICT solutions and ICT that creates breakthroughs for real life problems. We also invite you to work across disciplines and re-use solutions.

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