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Active and Healthy Ageing: an opportunity for Regions

--- Posted by Maria Iglesia Gomez, DG SANCO, Head of Unit "Innovation for Health and Consumers"and Ilias Iakovidis, DG CONNECT, Acting Head of Unit “Digital Social Platforms”

European Health and care services are mostly in the hands of regional authorities. They are decisive for the success of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA). 

LED’s safe energy

--- Posted by Berit Wessler, OSRAM AG, on behalf of the consortium of the FP7 project SSL4EU

Worldwide almost 20% of the electricity is used for lighting. That corresponds approx. to the total electricity consumption of the EU. LED light sources could theoretically save up to 50% of that electricity. And even more important: lighting offers one of the easiest ways to actually realize that energy saving potential as no huge investments are needed upfront and at the same time users are able to reduce their own energy bill.

How can we motivate people to adopt more sustainable travel behaviour?

--- Posted by Marcel Bijlsma, project coordinator FP7 project SUNSET

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