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LED Spots for a Green Environment, my company :-)Incandescent bulbs waste about 90% of the energy they consume. This is something that you don't want to have in your household or business establishment. Imagine wasting energy at this rate, compared to the thirty-times more efficient LED Spots. Incandescent bulbs were easily overthrown by a more efficient CFL (compact fluorescent lamps), that emits brighter light at lower temperatures and energy consumption. Contrary to what most people believe, CFLs didn't have an easy transition, which took about a couple of years after they were released in the market. This might also be the case, when it comes to the switch from the use of fluorescent bulbs to LED Spots. Here are the reasons why energiebesparing LED bulbs will still take a few more years to dominate the market for lighting fixtures.•    LED bulbs are quite expensive, about twice the price of CFLs.•    The technology for LED bulbs is still growing.•    LED lighting fixtures are only available in big stores, which are usually located in cities.•    Many people still have the misconception that CFLs are kings when it comes to energy efficiency.The Need for a Greener EnvironmentAbout 10% of the global power consumption is made up of lighting in residential, public, and business establishments. The Earth Day Movement is an organization that seeks to reduce global energy consumption for a greener environment. On the other hand, the global power consumption is still increasing, which is definitely the cause of many environmental problems these days.The use of LED lighting as an energiebesparing way to help promote a greener environment is a big step. Many still believe that the technology is still young, while other people embrace it by using it in households and business areas. Public lighting systems are already starting to put LED Spots to use, incorporating solar power to save more energy. Nowadays, you can see LED spotlights on roads that use batteries and solar chargers.Why LED Bulbs Help Save the Environment•    LED lighting consume less energy.•    LEDs don't contain harmful substances, such as mercury found in CFLs. If you own a business establishment, using LED bulbs will help you cut the costs on disposing waste materials coming from incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. •    LEDs don't emit heat, which lessens the risks of fire.One thing that stops people from using LED spots is the cost along with its use. The first LED bulbs for example, can cost twice or thrice the amount of CFLs in the market. Another thing that makes it difficult for people to use LEDs is when they need to replace dimmable bulbs. If you are going to use LED Spots dimbaar, you will need a suitable transformer and switch, which adds up to the cost of using the energiebesparing lighting technology.Things to Remember in Using LED spots dimbaar:•    Get the right switch - TRIAC or SCR.•    LED Spots dimbaar require a transformer that turns AC to DC.Nowadays, more and more companies are developing cheaper LED Spots that people can use to replace their old incandescent or fluorescent lighting fixtures. After a few years, many people expect that the price of LED bulbs will decrease.