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Theodorus Denteneer

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Lighting Control Systems
Philips Research
Principal Scientist

 Dee Denteneer is Principal Scientist and Cluster Leader Lighting ICT Standardization in the Lighting Control System department of Philips Research. Dee has (co-)authored over 80 papers and holds over 15 patents in industrial statistics, biometrics, wireless networking, and lighting controls. He has been member, and scientific secretary, of the Board of Directors of the European Regional Section of the International Association for Statistical Computing and Chair of the IEEE 802.11s TG on mesh networking. He is the Exploitation and  Standardization manager of the European Scuba project.


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Smart, self organising & cooperative building- SCUBA project

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Imagine working in the building which automatically adapts to the needs of a user: proper level of air conditioning, according to the weather or amount of people in the room, level of light according to the time of the day or meeting we are holding-less light for presentation or more light when reading. Imagine all of this as self-organizing, cooperative and robust building automation, without the need of our intervention. Presently, however, these functions are based on vendor specific and incompatible standards and incur high installation cost and deliver little flexibility.

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