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Pantelis Angelidis

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Dr. Pantelis Angelidis is an innovator entrepreneur. A Telecommunications Engineering by education, he is active in telemedicine and eHealth for 20 years. He is the founder and president of VIDAVO, a leading eHealth SME in Greece and he has patented two telemedicine devices. Dr. Angelidis was a visiting scholar of MIT Media Lab in 2009-10 and he is an Ass. Prof. on eHealth at UOWM and a visiting lecturer at UB Medical School. His main interest lies in turning research results into sustainable businesses focusing on technologies for preventive health and active ageing.

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Too many top quality research outcomes in Europe fail to become innovative products and services. We can not afford this any longer. It costs too much. Not only because investment in research should be further boosted, but also because jobs of excellence should be created in higher rates. SMEs and start-ups are the drivers of innovation and have to be supported to grow, to become sustainable and whenever possible world leaders. I put most of my efforts towards this goal.


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