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Open Innovation
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Planning your communications strategy – a genuine way to provide your organisation with another innovation channel

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Considering Henry Chesbrough's notion, we can say that Open Innovation is a process in which companies and organisations seek external ideas in order to advance in their technologies. In 2013 the OI understanding was upgraded to Open Innovation 2.0 (OI2) philosophy. At that time already the OI2 trend had been adopted by many companies in Europe, but no one had recognised it with an official update.

Being open to innovation!

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The development of the information and communication technologies, as well as the variety of social media channels we use every day, help shared economy in Europe grow. In this type of economic environment, sharing knowledge, creativeness and experience becomes pivotal. Innovation is happening here and now and cannot be pre-planned any longer. Moreover, in times of crisis, traditional ways proved themselves not being effective anymore. Therefore, innovation should happen any time, any moment, as great ideas come up randomly!

OISPG welcomes the ICT2013 participants to Open Innovation 2.0

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The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) will be present during the ICT2013 Conference in Vilnius with the aim to introduce the innovation evolution in the

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