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EPIC: enabling every city in Europe to access and deploy innovative Smart City applications

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Thanks to EPIC, becoming a “Smart City” is no longer the prerogative only of big cities with big ICT budgets. Instead, the EPIC Smart City roadmap, service catalogue and cloud platform enable every city in Europe to access and deploy innovative Smart City applications that meet their budgets and needs.

Open and smart cities for the common future

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Cities are facing considerable population growth, increasing pressures and economic burdens. To remain competitive and achieve sustainable growth, cities must find ways to boost their efficiency and reduce costs while ensuring good quality of life for all citizens.

In this scenario, cities are gradually shifting towards innovation, following the steps of the private sector.

Exploring RINA: The Recursive InterNetwork Architecture

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Every day, we enjoy the benefits of a myriad of distributed applications delivered through the Internet. So you might wonder why the European Commission is investing in improving a system that already works so well. In fact, the current high performance is mostly courtesy of an army of skilled engineers who keep it up and running; something which leads to expensive operating costs.

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