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Alina Senn
07/05/2013 - 18:05

Project RePlay sets out to preserve traditional sports

Have you ever been to Ireland? I have. That was on holiday, several years ago when I was still a student. Up to now I keep many memories of this country, and the most vivid ones are the landscapes of unique green, the unforgettable beauty of the Kylemore  Abbey and my being very intrigued at the sight of local men engaged in hurling, a traditional Irish sport not known to me at that time.

The memory of hurling men came back to me last year after our Call 9 on access to cultural resources. It was then that I became the Project Officer of RePlay. The project sets out to digitalise a very special form of cultural resources: It seeks to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the sports! The idea behind the project is to have the very accurate skills involved in playing Gaelic football and hurling, and the