Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


The European Commission sees the recalibration of the European measure of success, to include entrepreneurship, as the catalysis for a European ecosystem.
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This endeavour will be supported by the creation of a think tank to create initiatives to implement this. Celebrate the success of entrepreneurship in Europe by creating awards and groups for the leading lights of the ecosystem.

  • The Commission promotes ICT and web entrepreneurs to start their business in Europe and to let them flourish in Europe. Therefore, promising entrepreneurs are invited to join The Startup Europe Tour to connected, network and be inspired by the leading tech conferences.
  • The Startup Europe Roadshow lets young aspiring entrepreneurs to interact, learn and be mentored by “role-models” – fellow young ICT entrepreneurs - who will share their success stories in a bid to make Europe’s start-up environment more dynamic and less risk averse.
  • The Leaders Club is an independent group of founders in the field of tech entrepreneurship who act as role models for European ICT and web entrepreneurs. They also provide guidance to the Commission on the steps to take in order to improve the working environment for ICT and web entrepreneurs to start their activities in Europe and flourish in Europe. They have launched the Startup Manifesto.
  • The Startup Manifesto campaign for entrepreneurial excellence which objective is to power growth in entrepreneurship and innovation in the EU, draws on the combined experience of dozens of Europeans who have imagined, built and grown successful businesses. It contains 22 recommendations to the European Commission, EU Member States and EU companies in the fields of education and skills, access to talent, access to capital, data protection and thought leadership.
  • In order to implement action 21 and 22 of the Startup Manifesto, the European Digital Forum (EDF) launched in Davos is meant to empowering tech entrepreneurs and growing Europe’s digital economy. EDF will give a stronger voice to Europe tech scene by placing its achievements and challenges in their proper overall economic context, rather than in a niche. It will produce an annual Digital Economy Index to measure how friendly Europe is to the mind-set required to succeed in the digital era.
Last updated on 15/04/2015