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Roberto VIOLA
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High performance computing is a strategic tool for science, industry, and society.
Francesco Adolfo DANZA
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Sentiment analysis has emerged as a new discipline whose aim is the computational treatment of opinion, sentiment and subjectivity in texts. Transforming how technology understands written content...
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Do you need to publish high quality Open Data (OD)? Do you want to reuse data for research, an article, an application or something else? The Open Data Node, a new open source platform supporting the...
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Last July, the European Commission recognised 27 profiles and standards for healthcare systems to be developed through public procurement. This is a step forward for reaching the European Digital...
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The amount of data exchanged on Social Networks is truly massive. Facebook and Twitter, to take just two of many examples, each have millions of new interactions in any given hour. Analysing such...
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Digital innovation hubs are ecosystems that consist of SMEs, large industries, startups, researchers, accelerators, and investors. They aim to create the best conditions for long-term business...
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The intertwining of different disciplines is not only beneficial but often necessary for research to thrive.
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Today is the 25th UN International Day of Older Persons. And keeping up with tradition I want to use my blog to highlight this day.
Alessandro CATTELAN
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Are you a freelance translator or a translation agency looking for free translation software? Are you looking for a platform to offer your services and get connected to other translation...
Cecilia LASCHI
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The marvel of an octopus, the dream of robots made differently, soft and dexterous! OCTOPUS opens the way to a new research field.