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Spider chart showing Slovenia's score in connectivity, human capital, digital public services, use of internet and integration of digital technology compared to the EU average score
Find here the most recent analysis and data by country. A selection of key documents and graphs are shown about topics such as broadband, internet activity and skills, egovernment, ICT in schools, research and innovation, as well as other main indicators.
Going local


Going Local Slovenia brings the European Commission's representatives to your country, Slovenia to communicate on the Digital Single Market Strategy in the local context. Information on events, local representation teams, reports on progress, challenges and debates in Slovenia on priority issues in this area will be updated here.
Digital Champion

Ales Spetic

Ales Spetic is the Digital Champion of Slovenia. His priorities are to improve the usability of ICT.
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EU funded projects
EU funded projects

Open Platform for Innovative SMEs

In the face of current economic challenges SMEs are widely recognised as potential engines of growth that have the necessary attributes of agility, flexibility and technological innovation. It is also recognised that they find it exceptionally difficult to mobilise the resour...

Civic Epistemologies: Development of a Roadmap for Citizen Researchers in the age of Digital Culture

CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES will develop and validate a Roadmap for e-Infrastructures development to support the participation of Europe's citizens in scientific research, focusing on Digital Cultural Heritage and digital Humanities (DCHH). The partners are committed to the values o...

Intelligent observation and execution of Actions and manipulations

IntellAct addresses the problem of understanding and exploiting the meaning (semantics) of manipulations in terms of objects, actions and their consequences for reproducing human actions with machines. This is in particular required for the interaction between humans and robo...

Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface

In a context of an obliged continuous optimisation of the energy consumption rates in developed societies, embedded systems and solutions can perform a significant role in the transition process towards a Sustainable Urban Life concept in European countries. One of the main a...

Forecasting Financial Crises

In this project we set up an interdisciplinary consortium of computer scientists, physicists, economists and policy makers to deal with the problem of understanding and forecasting systemic risk and global financial instabilities. By leveraging on expertise in the various dis...