Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Software & Services

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EU actions on software innovation, research on services and e-infrastructures.

The Internet of Services promises a future in which software - and the tools to develop it - are always accessible, whether locally stored on your own device, in the cloud, or coming in real time from sensors, thereby lowering costs and stimulating innovation.

Closely linked to cloud computing, this new approach to software will make the development of services easier, so that new and innovative services, not possible today, can be offered. It is thus central to the EU's strategy to make Europe's software sector more competitive.

In synergy with  the EU's cloud computing strategy, the Commission is:

  • fostering software innovation and growth through encouraging open and competitive procurement, open source and interoperable solutions;
  • supporting research on software tools and methods, and service-focused architectures;
  • developing e-infrastructures to empower European researchers in all areas of science and engineering.

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