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  1. Commission formally requests Italian telecoms regulator to amend or withdraw its proposal for wholesale broadband price reductions

    12/12/2013 The European Commission has formally requested the Italian telecoms regulator (AGCOM) to withdraw or amend its proposal for the prices applicable to wholesale broadband access throughout 2013. These access prices are the fees that the dominant ...

    Newsroom - 01/04/2014

  2. MSS Authorisation regimes, Authorisations and enforcement in the EU Member States- Call for tenders: 2013/0013

    05/09/2013 The European Commission will launch a call for tenders for a service contract of a maximum value of EUR 60 000 on MSS, Mobile Satellite Services. The purpose of the study is to collect comprehensive and systemized information on (a) the MSS (sa ...

    Newsroom - 03/04/2014

  3. Online content: policy and regulation for a global market

    27/03/2011 to 29/03/2011 Ghent, Belgium This conference will address online content and the role of policy and regulation. Topics include public media, social networking, the competitiveness of Europe's media sector, public sector information, online ...

    editor - 26/04/2013

  4. ECTA Regulatory Conference 2010

    29/11/2010 to 01/12/2010 Brussels, Belgium This year’s conference will focus on delivery: what does industry need to deliver broadband Europe and how can national Governments and regulators rise to the challenge? Participants will be looking at the implic ...

    editor - 26/04/2013

  5. ECTA Annual Regulatory Conference 2009

    07/12/2009 to 09/12/2009 Brussels, Belgium This event will cover topics such as the European Digital Agenda for 2020; the EU Telecoms Framework Review; copyright; Commission state aid proposals; developments in next generation access policy; regulating in ...

    editor - 26/04/2013

  6. Commission opens public consultation on preservation of the open internet (net neutrality)

    23/07/2012 The European Commission is today launching a public consultation seeking answers to questions on transparency, switching and certain aspects of internet traffic management, with a view to its commitment to preserve the open and neutral characte ...

    editor - 26/04/2013

  7. Vice-President Kroes to propose action on consumer choice and "net neutrality"

    29/05/2012 "When it comes to the issue of "net neutrality" I want to ensure that Internet users can always choose full Internet access – that is, access to a robust, best-efforts Internet with all the applications you wish. But I don’t like ...

    editor - 26/04/2013

  8. EU Telecoms Council, Brussels 27th May

    26/05/2011 Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda, will urge the EU's Council of Telecoms Ministers meeting in Brussels on 27th May to boost internet access in Europe by working with the European Parliament to adopt l ...

    editor - 26/04/2013

  9. Commission underlines commitment to ensure open internet principles applied in practice

    19/04/2011 The need to ensure that citizens and businesses are easily able to access an open and neutral internet has been underlined by the European Commission in a report adopted today. The Commission will be vigilant that new EU telecoms rules on trans ...

    editor - 26/04/2013

  10. Digital Agenda: consultation reveals near consensus on importance of preserving open internet

    09/11/2010 There is a near consensus on the importance of preserving the openness of the internet, according to the results of a public consultation launched on 30th June by the European Commission on the open internet and net neutrality. A total of 318 s ...

    editor - 26/04/2013