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  1. Steering Committee

    Eleven members from the industry, academia, public and civil society worlds have committed to make the CoP a vibrant Community; together they form our Steering Committee, chaired by Robert Madelin, Director General, DG CONNECT.   Jean-Pierre Faure Head of ...

    Muriel Danis - 10/11/2014 - 11:13

  2. Genealogy of the CoP

    The Community of Practice takes its roots in the Renewed EU strategy 2011-14 for Corporate Social Responsibility, stemming in particular from the 2012 public consultation on a 'Code for Effective Open Voluntarism'. The Renewed EU strategy 2011-1 ...

    Muriel Danis - 22/08/2014 - 17:13

  3. The Principles for Better Self- and co- Regulation

    The "Principles for Better Self- and Co-regulation" are designed to offer guidance in cases where two or more actors (public or private) decide to work together to improve the status quo, by resolving a problem or exploiting an opportunity. They ...

    Muriel Danis - 19/09/2014 - 10:24

  4. Community of Practice plenary meetings

    The Community of Practice meets twice a year. In these pages you will find more information about the presentations, the discussions held and the outcomes of the meetings. Open to all stakeholders interested in experiencing, improving and promoting the Pr ...

    Muriel Danis - 04/12/2014 - 14:51

  5. A comparative analysis of transnational private regulation: legitimacy, quality, effectiveness and enforcement (F. Cafaggi)

    Comparative Report in the framework of the Research Project Private Transnational Regulatory Regimes – Constitutional Foundations and Governance Design. Fabrizio Cafaggi, Professor at the Scuola nazionale dell’amministrazione, Director of the Centre for j ...

    Muriel Danis - 08/09/2014 - 13:11

  6. Share your comments and ideas on a future “decision support tool” for starting any SR/CR initiative

    neglected, are meant to be answered en amont, within a “think twice antechamber” step before starting ...

    Muriel Danis - 08/09/2014 - 13:11 - 2 comments

  7. Potential areas for future SR/CR actions in e-commerce & retail sectors?

    Following the outcome of the CoP Inaugural Meeting and its online interactive follow-up, we have reviewed potential areas for SR/CR actions within the e-commerce and retail sectors. The attached Memo aims at offering the CoP members some food for thought ...

    Muriel Danis - 08/09/2014 - 13:12

  8. The relationship between CSR and SR/CR – Memo for the Community of Practice

    Both in the CoP Inaugural Meeting on 3 December 2013 and its follow up, participants underlined the need to clarify the relationship between CSR and SR/CR. To this end, this Memo sets out the Chair's approach to the definition of self- and co-regulat ...

    Muriel Danis - 08/09/2014 - 13:13

  9. ICC Framework for Responsible Marketing Communications of Alcohol

    This Framework has been published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Marketing and Advertising. It is aimed at strengthening self-regulation for alcohol marketing and clarifies how the existing global principles on alcohol market ...

    Muriel Danis - 08/09/2014 - 13:14

  10. Smarter Logos, better informed consumers | AIM-BEUC Joint Initiative

    This document is part of a joint reflection process by AIM, the European Brands Association and BEUC, the European Consumers’ Organisation, on how to provide consumers with better product information for non-advertising purposes. AIM and BEUC joined force ...

    Muriel Danis - 08/09/2014 - 16:11