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  1. Leadership

    The European Commission sees the recalibration of the European measure of success, to include entrepreneurship, as the catalysis for a European ecosystem. This endeavour will be supported by the creation of a think tank to create initiatives to implement ...

    dansene - 08/04/2014

  2. Talent

    Helping make the most of Europe's talent and take the lead. The  Europioneers ' initiative celebrates Europe's finest technology entrepreneurs by rewarding the best two tech entrepreneurs of the year. Tech All Stars invites 12 of the best y ...

    dansene - 15/04/2014

  3. Skills & Education

    The European Commission encourages the use of IT and the development of IT skills in schools. Despite the high level of unemployment in Europe, many ICT vacancies cannot be filled. While demand for employees with ICT skills is growing by around 3% a year, ...

    dansene - 15/04/2014