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  1. Factsheet 54: Radio Frequency IDentification RFID- The Internet of things

    Share this 12/03/2007 English German European research on RFID Mobility Digital Science Telecoms and the Internet Emerging Technologies Robotics Factsheet RFID – smart radio tags- are the keystone of the emerging "Internet of Things" that will c ...

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  2. Press Factsheets: Telecoms reform

    Share this 13/11/2007 Factsheet #1: The need for reform (.pdf) Factsheet #2: More competition for a stronger Europe (.pdf) Factsheet #3: The European Telecom Market Authority (.pdf) Factsheet #4: Empowering European consumers (.pdf) Factsheet #5: Investme ...

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  3. Factsheet 55: Join community:!

    Share this 03/04/2009 More details on how to apply for domain can be found in our factsheet: English (version April 2009) Bulgarian (version April 2007) Czech (version April 2007) Danish (version April 2007) Dutch (version November 2008) Estonian (ve ...

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  4. New strategy for safer internet and better internet content for children and teenagers

    Share this 02/05/2012 More information Pillar III: Trust & Security Pillar VI: Enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion Action 36: Support reporting of illegal content online and awareness campaigns on online safety for children Action 37: Fos ...

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  5. Future Internet Assembly- FIA 2014

    Share this From 17/03/2014 to 20/03/2014 Athens, Greece More information FIA Athens 2014 will focus on reshaping the Future Internet infrastructure for innovation. The programme features keynotes from the public and private domains in a high-profile plena ...

    Newsroom Editor - 16/09/2014 - 14:18

  6. Workshop on the usage of Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) in High-Performance Computing (HPC)

    Share this 21/09/2012 Brussels, Belgium More information The workshop aims to initiate a technical dialogue with all potentially interested suppliers on both the technical challenges related to energy efficiency and the practical implementation of a PCP p ...

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  7. European Dialogue on Internet Governance

    Share this From 14/06/2012 to 15/06/2012 Stockholm, Sweden More information The 5th edition of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) will bring together some 500 representatives from civil society, business, governments, parliaments and i ...

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  8. ICT Policy Support Programme- 4th call for Proposals

    Share this From 21/01/2010 to 01/06/2010 More information This call for proposals was launched on 21 January under the 2010 Work Programme of the Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness ...

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  9. Press factsheet: Broadband Performance Index- Monitoring high-speed Internet access in the EU

    Share this 29/09/2008 Full factsheet In a short space of time, high-speed internet (broadband) has become fundamental to modern economies. It has changed the way we access the internet and how we use it. The European broadband market is developing rapidly ...

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  10. Factsheet 66: Internet Protocol version 6- IPv6- Unleashing more internet addresses to support growth in Europe

    Share this 27/05/2008 Everyone will be able to participate in the future of the Internet on an equal footing, allowing more kinds of networks and a whole range of new innovative services and applications, including home energy management, medical surveill ...

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